15 Writing Challenges

Word limit

1. Write 1,000 word short story.

2. Write A poetry series containing a minimum of 14 poems, poems must be at least 100 words per poem.

3. Write a story using 280 characters.

4. Write a novel with a minimum of 50,000 words

5. Go to writing exercises the 5th writing exercise must written with a minimum 500 words, maximum 2,000


6. A 10 Day Writing Challenge. Write Your least favourite genre. Each day you must use one of the following promots
Day 1 Yellow
Day 2 Water
Day 3 The prompt is your birth month
Day 4 Prompt is the story must be set 10 years after what would be your 30th birthday. so if you were 2000, the story must be set 2040
Day 5 Broken
Day 6 Salt
Day 7 The prompt is your favourite beverage
Day 8 Sweet
Day 9 Storm
Day 10 Food

7. A 20 Day Challenge. Write 100 words every day over 20 days.

8. A 30 Day Challenge. Each day write a line for a poem that reflects your mood of that day.

9. A 7 day challenge. Write 1,000 per day, a short 7,000 story should be the end result. Prompts are the days of the week.

10. A 12 day challenge. Each day for 12 days write a letter to a favourite fictional character


11. Super Easy Level: write whatever you want but use the first letter of your name as the first letter of the title of your story.

12. Easy Level: write 1,000 words about whatever you want.

13. Medium Level: Write 2,000, the story must be split into 4 parts. Each part 500 words each.

14. Difficult Level: Write A Story in Diary format. The story must contain a diary entry for every day of the year. Write your favourite genre for this.

15. Super Difficult Level: 60k novel, a genre you have never written, use the prompts fire, death, tree, lullaby, river, night, angelic, summer camp, widow, invisible, coal, and nightmare.