Here are 40 writing exercises to help with writers block or just for fun

40 Writing Exercises


1. Write About Food. Who provides it, how it is provided, what the food is.

2. Write Two P.O.V. The first from the P.O.V of someone rebelling against those in power. The second from the P.O.V of a person in power.

3. Write about someone experiencing freedom for the first time.

4. Write about someone who discovers something terrible.

5. Write about the past, an event that helped create a dystopian society.


6. Write an origin story about Mermaids.

7. Write an origin story about Werewolves

8. Write an origin story about Zombies

9. Write an origin story about Dragons

10. Write an origin story about Trolls


11. Write about discovering life on another planet.

12. Write about transforming a planet so it is liveable

13. Write about travelling in space.

14. Write a series of letters home from an astronaut stuck in space

15. Write about what you would take into space with you

Fun Day

16. Write about a fun day an amusement park that is magical.

17. Write about a fun day from the p.o.v of a dog.

18. Write about a genie granting five wishes which results in someone having the best day of their life.

19. Write about three characters, the same wonderful day from each of their p.o.v.

20. Write about what your perfect day would be.


21. Write about a fantasy world where the sky is your favourite color.

22. Write about finding a rare magical creature.

23. Write about an island.

24. Write about different types of magic.

25. Write about a dragon egg.


26. Write about a haunted house over five decades.

27. Write from the p.o.v of a zombie.

28. Write about something that scares you personally.

29. Write about your character in classic horror location.

30. Write a horror cliche


31. Write about meeting five people from history.

32. Write about life. Write about death.

33. Write about living in isolation.

34. Write about being trapped in the woods.

35. Write about your favourite food.

36. Write about living in a dream world.


37. Write about an end of a friendship

38. Write about someone getting jilted on their wedding day.

39. Write about someone stranded on deserted island or being the last person left alive in a city.

40. Write about someone happiest day suddenly becoming their worst.